How to hide your email and avoid spam

How to hide your email and avoid spam


Often, in order to access information on sites offering goods and services, you must register with an email address and other personal information. Also, such requirements exist when subscribing to information resources, participating in forums, lotteries, downloading books and various documents.
As a result, email is bombarded with spam and questionable offers, and in the worst case, you can become a victim of hackers or scammers.
How to protect mail from spam? What should you do to get access to the necessary content, while not exposing personalized information to the risk of leakage?

Temporary email – Receive emails quickly and safely

One-time email allows you to register on sites, receive an access password to participate in forums, receive messages with attachments. At the same time, keep inaccessible a permanent email address and personalized information.
Using 10 Minutes Mail you cannot worry about privacy. Fraudsters do not know the real and electronic mailing address, as well as personal data. A disposable email box exists for a very short period of time, after which it is permanently deleted without leaving correspondence and traces.
Important! Save the information received to your temporary email address to a permanent email address in time, because after the set period has expired, access to it will become impossible.

How does one-time mail work?

A temporary address is generated automatically after entering the website page. This service is confidential, free and secure. No one is requesting your user data. After generation, the address is relevant for 10 minutes, during which time it can be used to register or receive correspondence. After the deadline, all data and IP address are deleted, without the possibility of recovery. It is possible to refresh the parameters for the existence of a temporary email.

Special conditions

Using this simple spam protection method is very effective. But keep in mind that Internet technologies are constantly evolving and it may happen that some sites refuse to register using the automatically generated 10 Minutes Mail. In order to prevent this, the service periodically updates the list of domains, replacing them with new ones.