Why Use 10 Minutes Mail instead of regular email?

Why Use 10 Minutes Mail instead of regular email?


Many of us have faced the need to quickly create an email address to receive correspondence or get access to a website that requires registration. However, it takes a long time to create a unique login, password, and data that is collected by traditional email system providers, not to mention the fact that afterwards one’s mailboxes will possibly receive a lot of unnecessary messages, spam and suspicious offers.

10 Minutes Email Address – Fast and Confidential Registration

Try using temporary mail. An email address will be created automatically after you visit the website. There is no need to do anything: you don’t need to enter your data, specify your mobile number and wait for an SMS, or worry about who and to what end will use the information you had provided. You just have to open the website page!

10 Minutes Mail - free disposable email

The temporary address will only be valid for 10 minutes, after which time the email will be automatically deleted along with all data and the IP.
You can select a custom login and adjust the lifetime of the temporary mailbox for receiving certain amounts of correspondence from several sources, but at the end of the mailbox lifetime all data will be irretrievably deleted.
Important: The correspondence received during the 10-minute period of mailbox lifetime should be copied, if necessary.

The advantages of using a temporary email

Disposable email may seem to have no significant advantages over traditional email. To achieve an objective analysis of the matter, we shall compare the main features that may be valuable to you for both types of mail.

Feature10 Minutes emailRegular email
Registration speedInstantly, when you visit the websiteTime-consuming, with login / password approval from the email provider
Privacy100%. No data requiredYou need to provide information about yourself, e.g. your phone number
FunctionalityYou can receive emails with attachmentsYou can receive and send emails with attachments
Protection from hackers and criminals100% – due to the very short lifetime period of the mailboxYour mailbox may be at risk of being hacked and your data of being stolen
Spam protection100% protectionSpam and unwanted messages are inevitable
Mail IdentificationNo needIf you have forgotten your username and/or password, they can take a long time to recover
User test (CAPTCHA), when registeringNoneAlmost always
Email DeletionIs deleted automatically, leaving no tracesAfter deletion, data remains

Even with this quick comparison, the benefits of 10 minutes mail are clear.
With a temporary email, you can easily register on websites, forums and other services without compromising your privacy and confidentiality.
We hope this article helps you decide when to use regular email and when to use a temporary 10 Minutes email address.