10 Minutes Mail - Best Spam Protection

10 Minutes Mail - Best Spam Protection


Every active Internet user knows what spam is. Annoying mailings from the services that you once registered with, really prevent you from calmly using your email address. Still, once specifying your real mail, you already endanger your own anonymity and cleanliness of the mailbox. How to protect yourself from spam and stay confidential when creating a new account on a suspicious website? The answer is a temporary disposable email.

How does 10 Minutes Mail work?

Even based on the name, it's clear that we are dealing with a temporary email box. Email is absolutely free, no registrations - copy the address and use it for your needs. All sent emails arrive instantly, which gives 10 Minutes Mail an obvious advantage. Your box will only last for 10 minutes. This time is enough to get the necessary codes and passwords when registering new accounts. You don’t have to worry about anonymity. Afterwards the email will be erased along with your IP-address and all data without any possibility of recovery. You can extend the lifetime of the mailbox by clicking the "Update" button.
Please note that the system can change domains if too much spam arrives on mail domains or if they are blacklisted on sites. In this case, all active mailboxes will be deleted.
Temporary mail is an ideal solution for working with new sites or various forums. The service will help you take part in any lottery and not suffer from tons of exhausting letters, you can also download books or coupons with temporary mail. 10 Minutes Mail will take the whole blow of possible spam for you.

Getting started

Visit the main page of our website to start using a temporary disposable email. The box has already been created, just copy the domain.

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Now you can start using your mail. Letters arrive instantly.

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We do not doubt that your work with the temporary disposable 10 Minute Mail will be productive and will help to keep your own email address clean and safe. Good luck!